Lodge of Discussion

What is it? Why we need it? How do we do it?

No doubt, lots of questions were and are asked regarding this upcoming event. As always, some are excited by the opportunity to try something new, while others consider it a waste of time. It wouldn’t be a Masonic lodge if the opinions were all the same.

At the beginning of this year, Hamilton Masonic District C had a workshop regarding Long Range Planning. Even if some would consider, mainly based on past experience, that no need for such “planning activity”… the fast-paced changes that occur almost daily in our social and economic life warrant a more thoughtful approach to the future of any organization, including our lodge.

At said meeting, the participants had the chance to go through a few exercises (brainstorming sessions) to determine certain strengths and weaknesses that may exist in a lodge. There was also an abundance of materials for the use of the lodges — in case they would attempt to make their Long Range Planning more formal.

At the executive committee meeting in April, the collective wisdom of those present agreed on the formation of such a committee. Then, using the toolkit provided by the Grand Lodge the committee suggested to have a “Lodge of Discussion” — an open discussion forum along the lines “How would you like your lodge to look in five years?”

The Worshipful Master scheduled the Lodge of Discussion for October 2016.

It has been also decided that an online survey would be created for those not able to participate personally in the discussions… or for those that might be shy to express their opinion publicly.

Brethren, come out and participate in this important event: it is about your lodge!

Chairman of the LRP Committee

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