These articles have been saved and moved from the earlier site, they contain Masonic wisdom collected and published during the years for the education of the members and public.
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  • Kakistocracy

    definition: government by the least qualified, from the Greek kakistos; worst, superlative of kakos; bad. (American Heritage Dictionary, 4th edition.) Post-WW II Freemasonry has seen a de-evolution of the Fraternity from a grand Philosophical Order, to a pseudo- mystical public charity, under the management of some who not only misunderstood
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  • Colours in Freemasonry

    It is obvious that colours are a fundamental element of Masonic symbolism when we view aprons, sashes, as well as other items of regalia in our Lodge rooms. In some higher degrees we can observe wall hangings, robes and other various Masonic accoutrements of various colours. The colours of Masonic
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  • As we were

    The scene takes place in Artificer Lodge AF & AM in the town of Bellows Falls, USA. It could be the 1930s and then again it could be the 1950s. Let’s listen in: “Motion carried,” intoned Worshipful Henry Hancock as he gave the gavel one rap. “The next order of
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  • Ten Guides For Freemasons

    1. I am the representative of my Lodge and of all Free and Accepted Masons. Whatever I do or say reflects directly upon myself and my fellow Freemasons everywhere and our good works. 2. I am responsible for what my Lodge and Freemasonry represent. They can be no more than
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  • Are we living Freemasonry?

    The fact that a man has taken the degrees of Freemasonry does not automatically make a person a better man. The strength of Freemasonry, especially in these days when it enjoys the greatest respect and influence, lies not in the strength of its numbers, but in the extent to which
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  • The tolerance of “intolerance”

    If brotherly love, relief, and truth are the foundation stones of Freemasonry, Tolerance is the cement that unites them. Yet, in a world that has recorded and/or witnessed increasing tolerance, we as Freemasons are intolerant of much. In many ways, the unacceptable level of intolerance within our lodges makes sense
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  • The foundation of Freemasonry

    Every entrant into Freemasonry is informed that ‘no institution can boast a more solid foundation that that on which Freemasonry rests. The words, so full of meaning, should by their constant reiteration in our Lodges, grip the conscience and heart of each member and the result should be seen in
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  • The cabletow length

    The word cabletow is purely Masonic and not heard of in general use outside of the Lodge Room. In Medieval days the cabletow or rope noose was worn when taking an obligation, as a symbol of submission, inferring that it could be used to inflict the penalty if a breach
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  • Mentoring – The Role and the Purpose

    Insanity: Is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results Surely there can be little doubt in anyone’s mind that having welcomed our Initiate into Freemasonry, there has to be some on-going care and concern for his welfare, well-being and comfort within this new Institution of
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  • Masonic Education

    When we speak of Masonic education, we are needlessly redundant. Freemasonry is education, simultaneously moral instruction, spiritual enlightenment and intellectual growth so that a man may come to know – and improve – himself. But this isn’t supposed to be a solitary activity; Freemasonry also is a brotherhood. He who
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